Poetry of San Francisco Don Eli
First Church of the Goddess of Vivian Gardens

Vivian Christianity

The Thirteen Laws
Constitution of the First Church of the Goddess of Vivian Gardens

ONE. Love Mother Goddess and Father God with all one's heart and mind and soul, love one's neighbor as oneself, and love good and stand against evil.

TWO. Give more to the Earth than one takes from her, knowing that we, our fellow creatures and the sacred elements make up our larger body-- part of our group reality. That which we give to the Earth, we bequeath to our family, and thus to ourselves.

THREE. Vivian Christians affirm that the three core beliefs of this church are the same as we ourselves have already found to be true from personal effort and experience

First Belief: Gnosis... An awareness, knowledge and personal relationship with our divine creators, who we envision as loving spiritual parents. Gnosis starts with a feeling that we are part of something greater than ourselves--a larger purpose. We come to realize that our bodies, spirits, souls, and the Earth itself are sacred, and our visions of deity are merely metaphors--symbolic archetypes of divinity meant to inspire greater gnosis. Awakening is when we see that the key to Heaven is not in a book and comes not from a preacher's mouth, but rather is found within us, as is the knowledge of good and evil and what is truth. Later on the Path, it is our free-will choice to serve in accordance with divine will that opens our hearts to the transformational possibilities of gnosis, including transcendence of karma.

Second Belief: Never did the Father God abandon our Mother Goddess, his consort on Earth and in Heaven. Forsaken only in human ignorance, the Great Goddess has never left us. We awaken now to find her at the side of our Father. With a Quantum leap forward in the evolution of human consciousness, we are able to see the Great Spirit that unites the web of life; and our isolation is no more. Invoking the same Christ Spirit (life force) that was manifest in holy union at the dawn of our living planet, we are destined to gather the tribes and recreate the garden of Heaven on Earth.

Third Belief: The creation is not the creator. Jesus was not God, assuming he actually existed, but a man indwelt by Christ Spirit of his own free will and accord. His soul moved on when his body died, as will we all. Yet the Holy Spirit neither began nor ended with the life of this prophet. And the legend remains to awaken us.

FOUR. There shall be no representative of our divine creators designated by this church, or by any member of this church. (The Goddess of Vivian Gardens is a fictional name this religion uses for the Great Goddess. "Father God" and "Mother Goddess" are merely archetypes we use to envision our creators, and we are not saying that these visionary constructs are valid or even useful for others.)  Also, no Vivian Christian shall say what is the will of deity or what is morally correct, except as personal belief. Vivian Christians do not recognize the Bible, or any other writings (INCLUDING THESE) to be the literal word of God.

FIVE: There can never be a leader of this mother church, which is not an organization. Nor can there ever be any additional dogma of this First VC Church beyond these thirteen laws, written by Don Eli (founding member) and finalized on Samhain 2001. This First VC Constitution shall never again be amended.

SIX. Vivian Christians shall be loyal to the Goddess, yet exercise free will at all times--honoring the full responsibility we assume for all of our actions. A Vivian Christian shall never take any action in service to deity which that individual believes may be wrong.

SEVEN. Every Vivian Christian shall invest time and energy in vision-quest, study, communication and worship in order to discover and maintain gnosis.

EIGHT. Vivian Christians shall be honorable and responsible citizens---paying due obedience to the laws under whose protection we live, participating actively in community affairs and giving proper attention to civic responsibilities

NINE. Always stand up for what one comes to believe in, and what one finds good and righteous, knowing that the dual purpose of existence is that of the sovereign individual to achieve positive soul growth in this school of experience and beyond, and that duty of each member of the divine family to contribute honorably to the group reality we share.

TEN. Pray regularly for guidance and inspiration, that each of us might grow in courage, wisdom, compassion and morality.

ELEVEN. Pray for forgiveness and atonement for past sins, as we forgive others and have compassion for all.

TWELVE. Pray that the Goddess will reveal a proper project on which one is able to serve in the reawakening of heart consciousness.

Independent Vivian Christian projects are to provide for group worship, discussion, fellowship and community service. VC members may establish "offshoot" (or subsidiary) churches as VC projects.  Offshoot VC churches shall have independent constitutions, may have hierarchical leadership structures, may ordain ministers, and may proclaim additional dogma for their membership to organize around; so long as all remain in conformance with, and not in disagreement to, these Thirteen VC Laws.

THIRTEEN. Vivian Christians may practice magic for good or against evil, and while prayerfully seeking divine guidance--that all manifest shall be in comformance with the will of our Mother Goddess and Father God.

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